The Old Magazine Market Book

Tonight I busted out the 2007 edition (the latest I have) of The Best of the Magazine Markets for Writers that I got from Long Ridge Writers Group (LRWG).  It’s a almost 700 pages of magazine listings and indexes that make it easy to find magazines by genre.  The listings, for the most part, include how many submissions the mag accepts vs. how many they receive, what genres they are looking for, word count limits, payment, the name of the magazine editor, etc.    I’ve owned a few of these since I took the Breaking Into Print course and, each time, I’ve gone through the listings looking for potential magazines to solicit for publication.  I usually make a mark next to the entry as well as next to the magazine name in the index.

Now, I’m going to start looking through the entries I marked in this edition, find the ones that have websites, and see how many of them are still in publication, what’s changed since this edition was published, and try to find one that I can send the one story I have that’s pretty much ready to send off.


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