The Old Magazine Market Book, pt. 2

As it turns out, I had only done my marking and annotating through the first 90 or so pages in this edition.  Tonight I spent a couple hours going through a hundred or so more while slightly distracted by a silly movie that my wife and I were previewing for our kids to ensure it didn’t have any content we don’t want them to see.  I found a number of potential magazines for potential submission of short stories and/or poems.  One was really sounding great until their submission guidelines said to include my social security number.  Hello?  What?  No, thanks.  Won’t be submitting to them unless they drop that requirement.

That’s where I’m at… still going through the hundreds of pages, compiling the list of potential targets for submission.  Once that’s done, I’ll narrow the list down, then prioritize the candidates, and then it’s on to submission.

Now, though, it’s time for bed.  Still have to get up for my day job.


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