Getting Started

Last week, while sitting outside my daughter’s Irish Dance class, I started working on a story.  It is really some of the groundwork for the writing.  I jotted down (funny to phrase it as such since I’m using a computer) some information about some of the main characters, their societies, some plot points, and a bit about the world on which this takes place.

The idea I’ve had for this story for a while based it solidly in the realm of fantasy.  One day, I was talking with a co-worker about writing told him that I was planning on writing a fantasy story, but that I was concerned about it ending up too much like others.  He suggested switching it up a bit –taking the swords and sorcery and putting them in a different “time” or place, such as our modern world or a futuristic/sci-fi world.

I’ve decided to give this idea a shot.  I’m going to try to blend sci-fi and fantasy.  Maybe this’ll work.  Maybe it won’t.  I figure, worst case, I end up re-setting the story back into a traditional fantasy world.

I’ve not consciously thought about writing this book for tweens, teens, or young adults, but my two main protagonists would help place the book nicely in one of those markets –provided, of course, I write the rest of the story accordingly.


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