Writer’s Digest VIP

This week I signed up for the Writer’s Digest VIP program.  It includes a one-year subscription to Writer’s Digest and a one-year subscription to the WD WritersMarket, which was the key to my decision to join.  The WritersMarket is the WD version of the “Best of the Magazine Market” about which I previously posted.  Now I won’t have to spend hours reading through all the listing in the book.  I hit the WritersMarket site, select a few options, and voila!, I have a list of publications/contests based on my search criteria.  This tool also has a submission tracker that I haven’t spent much time using yet, but it also factored heavily into my decision to spend my money.

To play with the submission tracker, I’ve started going back through a few of the poems and stories I’ve written and am trying to decide which ones are ready for shopping to potential publishers.  I think I have a couple short stories and a few poems ready so now I’ve got to narrow down my first candidates for submission, follow their guidelines, offer up my work for publication, and hope for the best… or, at least, personal comments on what I can do better.


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