Crappy Movies: To Write or Not To Write?

As I was sitting through a crappy movie tonight (at home) that I had recorded last week, the thought crossed my mind that someone had to write that story.  That got me thinking:  Would I be willing to write a crappy story just to make a movie or would I be willing, if I ever finish my story, to let some studio turn my story to crap just to have a movie made from it?  I hope, should I ever find myself in that position, that my answer would be no.  Thanks for the offer, but if I don’t have some say in the script/production, I don’t want to sign away the story.  I’ve seen what studios can do.  Eragon is a perfect example.  I like the books very much, but, aside from just being rather disjointed, the movies change some of the characters, have crappy dialogue, and completely leave out some scenes that provided critical information/insight into the characters.  There’s no way I’ll spend money to see a sequel in the theater.

Not that I think there’s much chance I’ll ever have the opportunity, but I also can’t see myself working as a scriptwriter for a studio that cranks out cheesy, crappy movies.  I realize that there are a lot of studios that don’t have the budget of some of those “summer blockbuster” studios, but is not having tons of money for special effects a reason to have crumby scripts with bad dialogue?

It seems my only option is to write a great story that studios want so badly that they are willing to let me have some control/involvement in the production.  Guess I better get busy, eh?


One thought on “Crappy Movies: To Write or Not To Write?

  1. Mary March 31, 2011 / 00:26

    I’ve got to agree with you on this! Why, oh, why do they spend so much money on special effects just to tolerate a lousy script??? *shakes head and gives up* Ergh.

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