Poem: A World Without Me

Poem created in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s 2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 3, 3 Apr 2011.

A World Without Me

If a giant number two went back
and erased me from the scene
of life, would I have been missed?
I never had a lot of friends
growing up -becaused we moved
a lot and I’m a bit introverted,
but as I got older my friendships
were much deeper and I’ve helped
a number of them through some rough
times.  I’ve coached a lot of kids
in soccer and hopefully helped
instill some discipline, respect,
sense of fair play, and love for
The Beautiful Game.  Moving forward,
I hope to be a source for enjoyment
and, potentially, inspiration and
escape from the mundane by authoring
stories that people will read and
pass on.  All things pale, though,
when compared to my biggest role
in life:  father.  Had I not existed,
the world would be bereft of my
children who are gifted and open
and caring.  Had I not existed,
the world would not have them,
and that would be a loss…
They are my legacy.

**I need to work on the formatting of this one a bit, but wanted to get it posted.


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