Poem: The Sports Addict

Poem created in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s 2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 4, 4 Apr 2011.

The Sports Addict

The Armchair Quarterback
who’s never taken a snap
or a hit, but is a walking,
talking, statistic spouting
Hall of Fame.

The Jiu Jitsu Master
who’s never put anyone
in an arm bar or been
kicked in the Octagon,
but routinely submits
his hard earned money
for Pay-Per-View
UFC fights.

The Lakers Cheerleader
who’s never shaken a
pom pom at center court,
but sits court side
so often she’s on a
first name basis with
Jack Nicholson.

The Reds, Yankees and
Cubs fans whose team
stores are their only
source of clothing and
home decor, including
the giant foam fingers.

The soccer fans who pay
extra for channels to
watch the foreign club
matches to see the best
in the world, but still
root, hoping and praying,
for their U.S. National
Teams to advance out
of group play.


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