10 Days of Poems – So Far, So Good

When Robert Lee Brewer announced the annual Poem-A-Day Challenge to celebrate National Poetry Month, I decided I’d give it a try.  I’d been half-heartedly attempting the Wednesday Poetry Prompts on his Writer’s Digest Blog, Poetic Asides.  I say half-heartedly because I’d usually only write a poem for the prompt if I got an immediate thought on what my poem would be.  I might hit a couple weeks in a row and then have about a month between poems.  I decided to commit to the challenge.  April 1st came and I wrote my 1st poem of the month.  On April 2nd, I wrote my 2nd.  This morning, I wrote my 12th.  On Tuesdays, he give us two prompts –we can choose either or both.  I wrote one for both.  Yesterday, I wrote two for the prompt.  I’ve made it a third of the way.  What I’m hoping to do now is to try to use more “forms” in my poems now instead of so much free verse.


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