PAD: The Day After (a.k.a. Day Thirty One)

Well, I accepted the Poem-A-Day Challenge and successfully completed it.  The challenge, as put forth by Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides blog, was to write a poem each day during the month of April based on the prompt provided by Mr. Brewer.  Each day, he’d post the day’s prompt and LOTS of people posted their poems as comments on the blog’s page.  Aside from the poems, the participants also read each others’ poem and cheered each other, naming their favorite poems of the day or chattering back and forth with each other.  I didn’t spend as much time reading the poems as I’d like to have, but there are some talented and prolific poets posting there.  For my part, I got at least one a day with my total poem count at Thirty-eight –not too shabby considering my commitment to Mr. Brewer’s normal Wednesday Poetry Prompts isn’t really much of a commitment.  I enjoyed the challenge and hope to produce more poems that just a weekly poem for the aforementioned Wednesdays.  Below is my list of poem titles along with their form, if they had one, in parenthesis.

Final Stats over 30 days:

-40 Poems

-Number in free verse:  15

-Number in a “Form”:  25

-Form breakdown

—Fibonacci:  8

—Lune:  7

—Shadorma:  5

—Triolet:  2

—Monotetra:  1

—Haiku:  1

—Acrostic:  1


2 thoughts on “PAD: The Day After (a.k.a. Day Thirty One)

  1. Mary May 7, 2011 / 12:01

    Considering I only recognize two of the words listed beneath the “form breakdown” column, I’m pretty impressed with you and this poetry challenge :-). I would’ve been like, “wait, huh?”

    Very nice :-).

    • lorwynd May 7, 2011 / 21:38

      Thanks. I actually learned most of them during the challenge. One that I thought I knew, the Haiku, I didn’t get quite right –it actually has more requirements than most people know, and I forgot about a couple of them until I was reading about it again.

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