Quote on Narrative

Many readers skip long narrative passages to get to the good stuff–what characters say and do to each other.  Do the same as you write.

Paul Raymond Martin

Writer’s Little Instruction Book: Craft & Technique

As a reader, I am guilty as accused above.  I skip lengthy narrative… well, skim would be a better description.  I try to scan it quickly to capture what’s being described, but I slow and read the action and dialogue.  Based on what I’ve written previously, I don’t think I’d be accused of providing too much narrative …unless it serves a specific purpose.

Having said that and provided the quote, I must add that I find it interesting that some of the most popular fantasy novels/series have lots of narrative, packed with extensive setting and character descriptions, including The Wheel of Time series, The Song of Ice and Fire series, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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