Poem: We, The BRAC’d

Poem created in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt #139, 6 July 2011.

We, The BRAC’d

I’d love to meet and slap
the fools who decided that BRAC
is a worthwhile, money-saving operation.
Once thoroughly thrashed, I’d ask
how many decades
it takes to break even
on the millions it costs
to relocate organizations,
then clean-up their vacated posts
(or bases, camps, shipyards, etc.)
before turning over the keys.

We, the BRAC’d, enjoy
the endless planning meetings
in the years
leading up to the relocation,
the multitude of surveys on
whether we plan to move
or move on,
packing our office into boxes,
and moving to our newer,
smaller cubicles.

We will adapt
to our new environment,
our new traffic patterns
and take the good
with the bad,
but I’d still like
to slap someone over this.


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