Poem: What’s Wrong With Normal?

Poem created in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt #143, 3 August 2011.  Topic/subject:  a “normal” poem.

(form:  shadorma)

What’s Wrong With Normal?

right down the middle
not extreme
either way
some may call this boring, but
what’s wrong with “normal?”


2 thoughts on “Poem: What’s Wrong With Normal?

  1. Rene August 18, 2011 / 22:59

    exactly! Is there something abnormal in being normal?

  2. abichica August 18, 2011 / 23:02

    normal is just ok if thats what you are, but the truth is there really is no precise definaition of normal..so even when you think you are normal, you really are unique, different.:-).. great post

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