Review: Neverwhere

Title:  Neverwhere
Author:  Neil Gaiman
Published:  November 1, 1998
Author’s Website:
Genre:  Urban Fantasy-Horror
Review:  I’m not sure there’s really a Fantasy-Horror genre, but this story would fit there.  Mr. Gaiman has created a grim London that exists in and around, and mostly unnoticed, by real London.  While the everyday Londoners have to concern themselves with horrors like rent and bosses and traffic, the denizens of Neverwhere have to contend with supernatural assassins, horrific beasts, talking animals, and the dreary life of surviving, day to day.  Gaiman drops Richard, a slightly more than common man, into this world and shows his struggle to comprehend his new environment while doing his best to help a new companion accomplish her goal.  In contrast, we also get the perspective of the cold, business-like approach of the two assassins who’ve been highly successful in their work for many, many years as they attempt to find Richard’s new companion on an ever-changing assignment.  The change of perspectives between the protagonists, antagonists, and other characters provides some much needed background as well as fleshes out the setting…the other London.
Bottom Line:  After slipping through the cracks and finding this other version of London, will our protagonist make his way back to the ‘real’ London…alive?  Will he want to?  I think you’ll want to…keep reading and find out what happens to Richard and his friends once you start this one.  A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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