Review: What the Night Knows

What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz

Title: What the Night Knows
Author: Dean Koontz
Published: October 18, 2011
Author’s Website:
Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Horror
Note:  Graphic descriptions of violence,


Jumping right in, Koontz introduces our protagonist, John, as a cop who can’t stay away from a case that’s not his because of its similarity to murders twenty years earlier…the last being one of which he was the sole survivor.  “Copy cat” is what he thinks at first until he visits the killer who says something to him that he’d never told anyone before: the last words Blackwood, the killer, spoke twenty years ago.  Now, John has a sinking suspicion that, somehow, the spirit of Blackwood has returned to carry out his dying promise.  But how do you stop a spirit?

The pace of this story is good.  It moves along well, shifting point of view through John and the other members of his family, interspersed with short chapters from Blackwood’s journal, which provide the story of how he went from child to psycho.  From very early on, the suspense builds and grips and makes it tough to put down.  Unfortunately, once we get on stage into the climactic scene, the suspense disappeared too quickly.  The ending is still satisfying and “logical”…there was just something about it that lost the grip it had on me earlier.

Also included in the book is a novella that tells the story of one of Blackwood’s early attempts at murder, which then also follows up after the events of the main story.

Bottom Line:

Dean Koontz is a master of the Supernatural Thriller genre.  I lost many hours of sleep over this book…not from being too scared to sleep, but because I had difficulty putting the book down.  Well worth reading…if you like the genre, or are looking to give it a shot.  This is a great example of a Supernatural Thriller.

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