Review: Odd Thomas

Odd ThomasTitle: Odd Thomas
Author: Dean Koontz
Published: August 29, 2006
Author’s Website:
Genre: Supernatural Thriller, Horror

Review: Odd Thomas is, well, odd. He’s able to see and touch the ghosts who come visit him for help, but they won’t speak to him…not even Elvis. Odd also sees what he calls bodachs – shadowy figures that seem to show up and hang around people or places that are soon going to experience violence and death. The last odd thing about Odd is his “psychic magnetism.” This is an intuitive feeling of which way to go to find a person who’s fixed in his mind. The downside to these “gifts,” he can’t not act on this psychic information …which leads him into the occasional sticky situation.

Bottom Line:  Not too many twist and turns.  This is a pretty straight-forward supernatural thriller with a cast of quirky characters and good pacing.  A very entertaining read.

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