Poem: Meeting the Maker

Poem created in response to Robert Lee Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt 179, 13 June 2012.  Topic: meeting

(form: sonnet)

Meeting the Maker

I ran into God last night at the bar.
I asked, “What’s up? Why you hangin’ out here?”
He told me he’d come to play the guitar
and sing us a song as we drank our beer.
We chatted a while then he took the stage
and asked, “How y’all doin’? Ready to rock?”
God was a poet -a lyrical mage
who had us all spellbound, slack-jawed, in shock.
Words of beauty and love He crooned all night;
whispery ballads that filled us with peace;
soul-wrenching odes of salvation and might.
I joyously prayed it would never cease.
The crowd was in awe, enraptured, and when
God’s set was finished, we all said, “Amen.”

**Strictly speaking, this poem wasn’t written in response to RLB’s prompt today.  I actually wrote this one about thirteen or fourteen years ago during a poetry class, but it fit the prompt.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Meeting the Maker

  1. jspencergoff June 20, 2012 / 16:50

    I love the personality you gave God. He was seen as fun and funny, but he was always respected. Loved it!

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