Flash Fiction: An October Visitor

This story inspired by the Tuesday Picture Prompt:  An October Visitor on Flashy Fiction, October 9, 2012.

An October Visitor


Prompt:  Hey, where’d this creepy little guy come from?  Didn’t anyone tell him he’s a bit early for Halloween?  Is he sneaking up on you or hiding from you?  Write a little Flashy Fiction about how he found you or you him?

An October Visitor

Walking through the woods
one crisp October morning,
I spotted the shack
my kin had built long ago
tucked away among the trees.
No one had lived here
in quite some time, but something
struck me as odd so
and I headed toward the shack
as quietly as I could.
Leaves crunched under foot
regardless of how slowly
I walked.  I must have
sounded like an army, but
I heard another foot crunch.
I whipped around, scared
someone was following me,
but there was no one.
I covered the last leafless
yards silently, my pulse racing.
I peered cautiously
around the shack and nearly
screamed at the horror
before me.  Encased in bags,
humans were camping out back.

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