A Memory of Light prep — it’s going to be close, but I’m still on target

A Memory of Light.  The final book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  Tor books has pre-released parts of the story…the entire first chapter, I think.  I’ve elected to pass on the read ahead.  While I am really looking forward to the final book, I want to read the entire book as a whole, not chapter one three months ahead.  I don’t need the teaser to entice me.  The Pre-Order is already on my Christmas list.

Back in April, I posted about the beginning of my re-read of  the series:  “…it was a beginning“.  The goal is to read all thirteen of the books in the series before A Memory of Light is released in January 2013.  It’s three quarters of the way through October and I’m half way through book ten, Crossroads of Twilight.  So about seven and a half months for nine and a half books, leaving me with about two and a half months to finish three and a half books.  I may have to crank up the reading a bit, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be a problem.

What I have really fallen off on is the book reviews.  I haven’t posted one for the last three books.  All three are currently stacked on the arm of my sofa waiting for me to peruse them as I write the reviews, a couple of which have been started.  I need to knock them out, as well, but the reading takes priority.
Time to put the TV remote down earlier and “hit the books”.


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