Review: The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time, book 12)

I just finished my re-read of this book in my prep for the release of the final book, A Memory of Light. While I’ve been putting a bit more detail in the reviews of this series than are in this review, this one serves well enough.

Time to put this one back on the bookshelf and move on to Towers of Midnight.

Lorwynd's Thoughts

The Gathering Storm

by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

In one word:  Fantastic!

This book, number 12 in The Wheel of Time series, is the first book written since the untimely death of Robert Jordan, the creator of the series and sole writer of the first 11 books.  Luckily, for fans of the series, Jordan had a chance to write a lot of notes and pass along orally to friends and family his plans for the end of the series.  After his death, his wife, who was also his editor, hired Brandon Sanderson to complete the series.  Based on the amount of notes, they decided this would happen over three books.  This book, The Gathering Storm, is his first book in the series and is a masterful work.  I’ve not read any of his other work, but he did a grand job of keeping with the style of…

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