Flash Fiction: Implausible Deniability

This story inspired by the Friday Picture Prompt:  Select a Scene on Flashy Fiction, February 1, 2013.

Select a Scene: Lady with Bicycle

Implausible Deniability

“Miss,” he called, walking briskly toward the lady in white.

“Yes,” she replied, stopping and turning toward him. “Can I help you, sir?”

“Yes, indeed, miss,” he answered. “You can give it back without a fuss and we’ll pretend it didn’t happen.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

“I know it’s not yours, miss. I saw you look around to see if anyone was looking, then quickly take it and start walking off. The owner obviously didn’t see you, but I did. Leave it with me and go about your business. I will return it and no one will have to know what you’ve done.”

As he spoke, she moved her left arm, pulling her flowing dress up and forward while her right hand gently covered the end of the handle bar. Maybe she was getting ready to make a run for it. “Again, sir. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve not taken anything.” Or, maybe she just thought him blind or stupid.

“Miss, you do realize that I can still see the bicycle.”


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