Review: The Lost Gate

The Lost GateTitle: The Lost Gate
Author: Orson Scott Card
Published: January 4, 2011
Author’s Website:
Genre: Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Review:  Danny is a home schooled kid of fourteen.  Home schooled because he belongs to a family of Norse “gods” living in the mountains of Virginia.  These gods have lost a great deal of their power because they can no longer travel through a great gate to another world which helped them juice up their powers.  Travel was cut centuries ago when Loki, the last known great gatemage, closed the last great gate between the two worlds for reasons unknown.  Danny stumbles upon the fact that he’s a gatemage, a fact that would get him killed if anyone in his family learned of his ability.  He flees “the compound” and has some adventures before finding out how to control his abilities and eventually putting his parents and family in their place.

Meanwhile, on the other world, Wad, the castle-lurking gatemage befriends the queen who is shunned by her husband, but in a quite convoluted twisting of events, ends up fleeing the castle when the queen turns on him.

You know there has to be a reason for telling the story from two points of view, so it’s not a shocker when you find out the two worlds “collide.”  The question leading up to it and afterward is “What are the consequences?”  I’ll leave that for you to find out by reading the book or someone else’s synopsis/review.

Bottom Line:  I found some of the subject matter a little mature considering one of the protagonists is fourteen years old for half or more of the book.  Other than that, the characters are mostly believable and the story moves along at a good pace.  A good read and one I’d recommend to folks who are fans of the genre.


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