Review: Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful CreaturesTitle: Beautiful Creatures
Authors: Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
Published: December 1, 2009
Author’s Website:
Genre: Teen Fantasy/Urban Fantasy


Ethan has lived in his boring little town all his life.  Boring, that is, until the niece of the town recluse blows in at the start of his sophomore year in high school.  They seem a perfect match as she brings a new, craziness to his life while he helps bring some normalcy to hers.  While trying to deal with ‘mean girls’ at school and over-protective relatives, Ethan and Lena have to figure out why they seem to be connected, what the dreams they share mean, and how they’re going to keep her from ‘going bad’ on her birthday.

Bottom Line:  This book sucked me in, or should I say, the scenes between Ethan and Lena sucked me in.  Luckily, there are a lot of those scenes.  They are so well written…the description, the dialogue… that I felt like I was there.  There aren’t a lot of characters with more than one-dimension in this story and a lot of them are stereotypes, but it works for this book as most of them are only there as “props”.  My only real gripe with this book…okay, two gripes that kind of go hand in hand…are that it’s obvious that this book was written as a “first of”.  The ending was a big flop.  With all the build up of will she go bad, can they find a way to help her be good, the authors wimped out with a “let’s put the decision off for a year” so we have something to write about in the next book.  Does anyone write a story that’s just one book any more?  Overall, though, I’d highly recommend this book.


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