A Year of Lunacy

I’ve been contemplating doing this for a few weeks now, and yesterday, March 4, 2013, I began my “Year of Lunacy“.  What does that mean?  I plan on writing at least one lune a day.  A lune is a form of poetry that has 13 syllables broken down in three lines of five/three/five.  No rhyming required.

This shouldn’t be too terribly difficult, even during the April Poem-A-Day Challenge (PAD) and the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge.  Being small and relatively open, coming up with a lune should be easy.

My only real conundrum is whether or not to post them as I write them, post them in groups –weekly, maybe, or to not post them at all, and then maybe turn them into a book of poetry that spans a year of my life.  I’m thinking that if I go with the last option, I will want to make a majority of the lunes about what’s going on in my life…tracking things over the course of the year or just things that pop up each day…as well as writing about whatever strikes me.

During the PADs, I find myself using lunes as my last minute “Dang, I need to write a poem today!” go-to form.  Having now talked myself into saving my poems for the year, with maybe an exception here and there, I guess I will need to “work” these lunes a bit rather than simply throwing thirteen syllables together to crank one out.  No one will be interested in a book full of over three hundred and sixty-five crappy little poems regardless of how cool the author is.  <smarmy grin>

The Year of Lunacy is under way…only three hundred and sixty-three days to go.


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