Poem: Celebration of You

Poem created in response to Poetic Bloomings’ Sunday Poetry Prompt, 24 March 2013.

Prompt:  In celebration of Poetic Bloomings reaching their 100th Sunday poetry prompt, today’s prompt is to write a “celebration” poem in the 10 X 10 form.


Celebration of You

“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And doggone it, people like me.”
–Daily Affirmation by Stuart Smalley

Here are some words of advice I’d like to impart,
while your journey through life’s not far from its start.
Take each day as it comes, plan less, enjoy more.
Don’t be too timid when chance knocks on your door.
There is no shame in sometimes failing at a task.
If you’ve done your best, that’s all I can ask.
Work hard, get good grades, don’t show off in class.
Be smart in your choices, don’t be a smart ass.
Some people won’t like you no matter what you do.
Ignore the naysayers, make each day a celebration of you.


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