Review: Tomb Seven

Tomb SevenTitle: Tomb Seven
Author: Gene Snyder
Published: September 1985
Genre: Horror

Review:  Dr. Jason Farewey is a Welsh archaeologist with a great reputation.  He’s invited to an American research institute to hear a lecture and then see a live demonstration of how psychics could possibly help in the archaeology field.  After the demonstration and some discussion, Jason is invited to head down to Oaxaca, Mexico, to lead the dig for the institute.  It doesn’t take much sweet talking to also take along Lupe Munoz, the beautiful psychic who he’d just seen demonstrate her ability.  Once Jason and Lupe hit Mexico and visit the dig, things happen pretty quickly with multiple groups trying to claim the prize while some discoveries have Jason and Lupe wondering what they’ve really uncovered.

Bottom Line:  This book is full of one-dimensional, cliche characters, from Jason and Lupe, to the head of the American institute to the Russian and ‘bad guy’ to the Mexican bad guy.  Pretty much everything is predictable, and there’ s no horror…anywhere.


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