Review: The Path of Daggers (The Wheel of Time, book 8)

The Path Of DaggersTitle: The Path of Daggers
Author: Robert Jordan
Published: 20 October 1998
Author’s Website:
Genre: Fantasy

Review:  The Path of Daggers, the eighth book in The Wheel of Time finds Elayne, Nynaeve, and Aviendha leading the Sea Folk, The Kin, and Aes Sedai from Ebou Dar to the farm run by The Kin where they use their newly found Bowl of the Winds to stop the endless summer just before the Seanchan show up. Fleeing through a gateway, they abandon Mat in Ebou Dar.

Perrin ends up with two queens as part of his entourage before losing both of them and Faile to a Shaido raid while he, Elyas, and a couple of Aes Sedai are having a meeting with Masema, the self-declared Prophet of the Dragon Reborn.

Two of the rebel Aes Sedai Sitters inadvertantly hand Egwene the control she’d been waiting to seize as the Amyrlin Seat which she deftly does by getting the Hall to agree that they should declare war on Elaida and then reminding them that Tower law gives the Amyrlin Seat total power in times of war. Egwene, with the rebel Aes Sedai and the army led by Gareth Bryne, head through a gateway to begin their seige of Tar Valon.

The hunt for the Black Ajah in the White Tower heats up as a group of sisters begin using the Oath Rod.

Elayne finally makes it to Caemlyn and takes possession of the castle, claiming her rule as the heir to the late queen. Once there, she learns how many others have also made a claim for the crown and which houses support them and which support her.

Rand comes to an uneasy agreement with Cadsuane Sedai for her advice before he leads a combined force of Illianer, Tairen, and Cairhen troops to attack Seanchan as they begin to move eastward from Ebou Dar toward Illian. With the Asha’man, the battles are mostly one-sided as Rand pushes them back out of Illian. In the last of these skirmishes, a major flaw is discovered in Callandor.

Bottom Line: Another great book in the series. Some major plot threads are started, while some are seemingly resolved. The taint is getting worse and the endless heat of summer has been rapidly changed to harsh winter.


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