Flashy Fiction: Show It some love

Flashy Fiction widget thumbnailI’ve been involved with a cool little writing site for about nine months now.  I’ve posted stories to it for longer, but became the Tuesday prompt provider back in September 2012.  Flashy Fiction is a blog site that aims to provide daily writing prompts for flash fiction.  A different prompt provider makes the initial post each day and people post their flash fiction stories as comments.  As with most sites, there are times when there is more interest and interaction from visitors, and times when there is much less.  Just as the visits and responses drop off, sometimes the interest of the prompt providers wanes a bit or they are unable to make prompts for one reason or another.  Recently, we created a little “widget”, for lack of a better term, that bloggers and website owners can place on their websites that will link back to the Flashy Fiction site to help spread the word and support it.  Hopefully, aside from just generating more traffic to the site, we’ll also see an uptick in stories written and posted in response to the daily prompts.


If you’re a blog or website owner, we’d appreciate your support in adding our widget.  The instructions for adding it to WordPress, Blogger, and websites can be found by clicking on the picture of the widget in the upper right of this post.  If you use a different blogging site and add the widget, please let us know which instructions you used or if you had to do something different to add it so that I can add it to the list of instructions.  Thanks.


If you’re a writer or have never written anything outside of a classroom, check the site out and give Flash Fiction a shot.  We’d love to see your contributions.


One thought on “Flashy Fiction: Show It some love

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    I’ve been posting links to the Tuesday writing prompts on Flashy Fiction for some time now. Reblogging this post about showing Flashy Fiction some love.

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