Poems: On Our Kids Not Having Electronics

These poems were inspired by my daughters coming back from a sleepover and reporting that they were the only kids without iCrap or other such phones, tablets, etc. to play.  I mean, it’s important to go a big group sleepover, take your electronics, and then all sit around playing on them instead of playing, talking, interacting with those people you went to visit, right?  Our kids may think we’re a bit over protective and that they are underprivileged, but I think kids should spend a lot less time on computers and handheld electronics that most of them do.  Live in the real world while you have the chance, kids!  You’ll have a cubicle job staring at a screen before you know it.

(form: Shadorma)

poor parents
we must be, to keep
our children
from spending
every moment focused
on technology
(form: Cinquain)
no smart
phones or tablets,
limited computer
time, lots of love and involvement;
poor kids?
(form: Shadorma)
Our two kids
are no less savvy
than their peers
for their lack
of electronic gizmos;
unplug your children

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