Michael Nye’s Advice for Emerging Writers

We’ve all read books and articles on what it takes to get published, as well as books and articles on how to write.  Okay, maybe we all haven’t, but if you’re following this blog, there’s a good chance you’ve, at least, glanced through one or two, if not taken the information to heart.

Today, I found a link via Facebook to the following article by Michael Nye, the current managing editor of The Missouri Review:


This list of “grandfatherly and broad” advice, as Mr. Nye calls it, includes putting quality over time, maintaining a network, reading, and chucking books.  No, really, he advocates book throwing.  As you can guess, while the article has some very good advice, it is delivered in a light-hearted, easy to understand way that keeps it from feeling like a lecture.

Click the link.  Give it a read.



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