Review: Crossroads of Twilight (The Wheel of Time, book 10)

Crossroads Of TwilightTitle: Crossroads of Twilight
Author: Robert Jordan
Published: 7 January 2003
Author’s Website:
Genre: Fantasy

Review:  In Crossroads of Twilight, the tenth book in The Wheel of Time, the male half of the One Power, Saidin, has been cleansed, which means men who can channel should no longer be doomed to go insane.  Rand knows he has done it, but most of the Aes Sedai who hear about the cleansing are skeptical.

Mat strikes a deal with Tuon in which she agrees not to run away or try to get them discovered.  Mat learns that he’s already performed his half of the marriage ceremony/requirements to marry Tuon and begins “courting” her as best he can under the circumstances.
 Perrin discovers that dark hounds had circled their camp, but not attacked, leaving them to wonder who the hounds were after.  He takes a group through a gateway to go observe the Shaido camp Elyas reported finding.  Perrin scares  a bunch of his followers when he uses his ax to chop off the hand of a Shaido prisoner to get him and his fellow prisoners to talk.
 Faile, one of a group of Shaido prisoners serving Sevanna, looks for ways to escape…for herself and the others taken captive with her.  Meanwhile, she has to put off a persistent Brotherless who’s got his eye on her.
 Elayne spends time visiting camps and homes of some of the lesser lords in Andor, trying to shore up support for her claim to the Lion Throne, while Dyelin visits others for her.
 Egwene conttinues to maneuver the “rebel” Aes Sedai’s Hall…letting them have a group of “adviser’s” for her.  She allows the Hall to assemble a team to negotiate with the White Tower for terms of reunification, knowing it will fail.  Sisters from the camp are being murdered by someone using saidin.
 Egwene is captured by the White Tower.
Bottom Line:   For me, this is the slowest book.  It’s filled with lots of filler that could be summed in later parts if it was necessary.  Unlike Winter’s Heart, which was also slow, this book doesn’t really build to a climax.  It just meanders on.

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