Review: unclean (The Haunted Lands, Book I)

unclean (The Haunted Lands, Book I)
Title:  unclean (The Haunted Lands, Book I)
Author:  Richard Lee Byers
Published: April 2007
Genre:  Fantasy, Horror, Dungeons & Dragons
Review:  Szass Tam, Lich, Red Wizard, Zulkir of Necromancy, has decided he’s no longer content with sharing the rule of Thay.  His elaborate scheme to try to win the support of the other Zulkirs as the supreme ruler of Thay endangers the whole of the realm, including the lives of Bareris, a human bard, desperately trying to find and win back his lost love, Aoth, a gryphon rider, and Malark, a monk of the Long Death, …and the many Zulkirs and Tharcions on both sides.  Legions of the undead clash with armies of humans –red wizards, priests of Kossuth, gryphon riders, among them.  From where did the undead come, and whose side is Szass Tam really on?

Bottom Line:  Honestly, I found Byers’ writing style to be a bit difficult to read at first, but the story lines are interwoven well enough to make for a moderately compelling tale…or, at least, the first third of the tale.


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