My super creative Virtual Blog Tour title

This Virtual Blog Tour is about linking creative folks together, daisy chaining our blogs one to the next to bring more visitors which helps keep the creative fires burning.  The more visitors we get, the more compelled we are to keep providing fresh content, right?  I make no promises of more showing up here, though.  I’m quite a competent slacker.
WaltMuch thanks to Walt Wojtanik (pictured right) for asking me to be part of this Virtual Blog Tour.  I was honoured when he asked me to be one of his follow-on bloggers.  So many of the folks on this virtual blog tour are so much more prolific than I am.  I’ve been working with Walt for a couple years (give or take a few months) now in maintaining the Flashy Fiction Friday writing prompt site, so maybe that was my “in”.  I always plan (hope may be a better word) to write more, post more, but time gets away from me.  [Click on Walt’s picture to visit his blog.  I can’t describe him well enough in a few lines –you have to see his work for yourself.]
1. What am I currently working on?  Everything and nothing.  I have over a dozen poetry prompts that are partly worked, a couple of flash fiction stories, and two or three novel ideas that are in varying stages of infancy.  I also have a few other blogs I work, but only one that gets any real attention other than this one:  Lorwynd’s Thoughts.  It’s a “whatever pops into my mind” blog, and is likely the blog you were brought to if you came from Walt’s Virtual Blog Tour post.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?  It’s unpublished…mostly.  Well, I’ve had a handful of poems published, and depending on whether you consider postings on writing blogs “published” or not, will determine whether you’d consider any of my other poems and stories “published.”  How else is it different?  It’s mine.  In the writing world, voice and style have a lot to do with what accounts for one’s taste in writers.  I can read through the list of stories posted to a writing prompt and fairly easily pick out Walt’s.  He has a voice and style that’s easy to identify for me.  It’s also easy to read.  My poetry differs from most of those posted to these prompts by being short and of a “form”…usually.  Other than Form Challenges, it seems a lot/most of the other poets write in free verse most of the time and typically have many more lines than I do.
3. Why do I write/create what I do?  Because the voices in my head tell me to do it?  Maybe…sort of.  Partly, it’s because I choose to participate in the prompts, both the flash fiction and poetry.  Sometimes, ideas just pop into my mind and I work on them.  These are the ones that usually end up in multiple revisions because I’m not trying to get them done and posted in a short time.  Subject-wise, for poems, I tend to take the prompt and take it a different way then most do, often with a sarcastic or antagonistic take on the subject.  For flash fiction, I like to take the prompt and throw an unexpected twist into the story.  For the short story/novel ideas I’ve begun, they are almost all fantasy, which is the genre of fiction I most read, whether high, young adult, paranormal, urban, romantic or science-fiction based –just kind of makes sense that my writing tends to go that way, as well.
4. How does your writing/creating process work?  I don’t really have much of a process for writing the stories.  I just run with whatever comes to mind.  I revise as I go and then give the story another read to see if I can tighten it up any before I post it.  With poetry, I take the prompt or subject I’ve come up with and mull it over a few minutes so I can get an idea of how much I have to write on it.  Based on these few minutes of thought, I will begin putting ideas down in a poetic form that requires more or less lines/syllables.  As I work that form, I may discover a different form that works better.  Sometimes, I work through a handful of poetic forms before I have a poem that I like.
The Virtual Blog Tour continues…

CathyV is a virtual storyteller, an entrepreneur, a holistic sales coach, self proclaimed guru, a Re.Imagineered Poet of the Possible and a lover of humanity by loving people. She likes to write about transformation as life happens. She is colorful, creative, compassionate, sometimes crass and very uniquely uncommon. Enjoy the many flavors of her blog’olicious dumping ground!”


Robin is a full time VA employee during the day, and part time photographer in her free time. She blogs in her free time because she simply enjoys writing.

CathyV and Robin were the only two bloggers who agreed to continue the tour.  I had two or three more who sounded interested, but couldn’t commit because their lives are a bit hectic at the moment.


4 thoughts on “My super creative Virtual Blog Tour title

  1. Pamela Smyk Cleary (PSC) June 9, 2014 / 12:46

    Despite the bait & switch, I still managed to find my way here! Enjoyed your stop along the tour and will be back to read deeper into your blog sites later. Thanks for an entertaining read, Rob! 🙂

    • lorwynd June 9, 2014 / 23:31

      Thanks for visiting, Pamela! I hope my tour answers were half-way coherent. Sometimes I start answering questions about myself and worry that my train of thought has gotten derailed.

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