Flash Fiction: Unhappy Meals

This story inspired by the Flashy Fiction Friday Picture Prompt for June 20, 2014:  Lillipution Invasion.

Lillipution Invasion

Unhappy Meals

It was a nice, sunny day -not too hot, with gentle breeze off the ocean. I didn’t mean to take a nap.  It just kind of happened when I laid back to watch the clouds a bit.  Coming back to the waking world, I heard small voices mixed in with the cries of the gulls, and felt something, somethings really, crawling over me.  Looking around, I saw tiny people on and around me.

“What in the world’s going on?” I shouted, causing a few of the little people to tumble from my over-sized belly. Yeah, I like cake a little too much.  Sue me.

“The birds are trying to eat us!” a few of them shouted back in an impressive harmony.

Apparently, they saw no need to fear me, but the gulls struck terror in them.  Looking back on it, I guess I can understand.  They made perfect unhappy meals for the gulls …that were everywhere, encircling and flying all around me and the Lilliputions.  I call them that since I don’t know where they really came from and they were about the size of those from Gulliver’s Travels.

“Where did you come from?” I asked. The Lilliputions didn’t get to answer, though, because just then a gull braved it and dove into arms’ reach of me.  I swatted at it while the Lilliputions dived out of it’s path. I missed the gull, but, never the most graceful, I lost my balance and fell…right atop two of the wee folk.

A hush fell over the beach.  Even the gulls stopped their crying.

“Oh, no!  What have I done?” I thought as I slowly pushed up into a kneeling position.  The Lilliputions held their collective breath as I looked at the mess on the front of my shirt. Panicking, I brushed at the squashed bodies, trying to wipe them off of me.  The rest of the Lilliputions wailed in horror as the bodies of their friends were smeared across my shirt before falling to the sand.

Another gull or two dashed in and snatched up Lilliputions as I stared at my fingers.  It took a few moments to realize that it wasn’t blood on my hands. I raised one to my nose and sniffed .  The smell confused me. “Icing? Cake?” I tried, and failed, to shake the fuzz from my head as more gulls dove in.  I stuck a finger in my mouth.

“Cake!” I yelled before my eyes glazed over and I joined the gulls in a snatch and grab of gluttony.

Lilliputions are yummy.



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