Getting you by the short hairs – A Quote by Stephen King from the Introduction to “Nightmares & Dreamscapes”

In re-reading Stephen King’s novels, I often find pearls of wisdom in the Introductions, such as with the quote below.

The following excerpt is from “An Introductory Note”:

“”But it isn’t about the money, no matter what the glossy tabloids may say, and it’s not about selling out, as the more arrogant critics really seem to believe.  The fundamental things still apply as time goes by, and for me the object hasn’t changed–the job is still getting to you, Constant Reader, getting you by the short hairs and, hopefully, scaring you so badly you won’t be able to go to sleep without leaving the bathroom light on.” – from the Introduction to the book”

While I may not ever write a horror novel, or even a short story, my goal is the same as Mr. King:  to get to you.  After all, “getting to you” is simply a matter of making an emotional connection.  I may write fantasy stories, but I still want to have you make some connection to one or more of the characters, even if it’s the bad guy, that keeps you turning the pages, that makes you yearn to know their deepest desires and fears, that makes you talk to your bookish friends about the characters as if they are your friends, to get to you.


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