BookBlogWriMo – Days Four, Five, Six

BookBlogWriMo.  Book Blog Writing Month.  Created by “Book Bumblings” as a book blogger’s version of NaNoWriMo.  I found it through “Shattered Hearts Reviews“.

Day Four – Why I Blog

Initially, I started this blog to make myself publicly…accountable, for lack of a better word, to my own writing. It didn’t really help. I didn’t write any more than I did without the blog. It did provide me a venue to share poems that I was writing, followed soon thereafter by flash fiction, in a single location after posting them to various blogs, which I continue to do today. As an avid reader, it also provides me a place for me to post reviews of books, as well as share quotes/excerpts from books and authors. In short, this blog now serves as a central location for me to post and track most things that have to do with my reading and writing.

Day Five – Where I Blog

Short answer: wherever I am when the urge strikes me. As I type the answer to this question, I am sitting in the waiting room at the dentist. I blog in the gym on the recumbent bike. I blog in the car waiting for soccer practices to end. Sometimes, I blog directly into the WordPress mobile app, sometimes I draft the post in Evernote, then copy it over to WordPress while on my laptop. The usual place I blog via laptop is on the couch, in the evenings, next to my wife, watching TV.  [Evernote, BTW, is a must-have app.  Even for the limited use I make of it, it’s a fantastic tool for creating and accessing my “notes” on the go.]

Day Six – Favorite Childhood Books

The Pokey Little Puppy by Janette Sebring LowreyBears in the Night by Stan & Jan BerenstainThe Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss
I didn’t really read for leisure from some point in elementary school through most of high school. Sad, I know, but before I stopped reading, I had read through most of The Hardy Boys mysteries.



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