BookBlogWriMo – Days Seven, Eight, Nine

BookBlogWriMo.  Book Blog Writing Month.  Created by “Book Bumblings” as a book bloggers’ version of NaNoWriMo.  I found it through “Shattered Hearts Reviews“.

WayBack Machine - PubWrite  1June2011Day Seven – WayBack Machine

The earliest instance that the WayBack Machine ( has of this blog is from 1 June 2011, about a year after I started it.  Not a big deal since you can see from the image to the right of by clicking the link to the archive page that the look hasn’t changed.  I preview new themes now and again, but always end up leaving it as is.  This layout/theme works for what I want to present.

Day Eight – My Blogging Toolkit

I have a fairly small, but effective toolbox:

  • WordPress, which is the host for my blogs, and its associated mobile app.  I have also used Blogger and its app.
  • I rely heavily on Evernote, which I mentioned in a previous post in BookBlogWriMo. It’s a great tool for drafting up posts and jotting down ideas on the go.
  • Adobe Photoshop for manipulating graphics, when I use them
  • A number of writing prompt sites for inspiration:
  • A couple other sites that are of use:
    • Wikipedia helps check facts
    • Google is a great tool for a quick spelling or definition check. Often, I don’t even have to click any of the links that come up in the search results.

Day Nine – My Blogging Workflow

Workflow.  Hmmm…that implies process.  Of which I don’t really have one.  The closest thing I have is “copy a post” from one I previously used to get a quick template for the new post.  Sometimes I sit down and blast out a post in one sitting, but more often, I open a post multiple times, editing a bit here, adding a bit there, until I post it hours or days (or months) later.




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