Poem: Village Mayor

Poem created in response to Poetic Bloomings’ “An Entertaining Summer” Poem-A-Day event

Day 28, July 28th

Prompt: Village in Late Summer

(form:  a sextet of shadormas)

Village Mayor

Our village

is really one street;
not much more
than a block
that dead-ends with a walk-thru
to a walking trail.
The Mayor,
an original
of the street,
knows everyone, young and old;
shares the history
and the news
and the scuttlebutt
about buying
and selling,
the living and the dying,
arranges flowers,
helps walk dogs,
unblocks city drains,
and warns you
to secure
your potential projectiles
when a storm’s coming.
An artist,
she watercolors
local scenes
and wildlife,
turns them into Christmas Cards
she gives out each year
in exchange
for nothing other
than living
on her street,
for living in her village,
for being neighbors.

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