Review: On The Prowl

On The ProwlTitle: On The Prowl
Author: Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Karen , Sunny
Published: August 2007
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Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Review: This book consists of four stories by four authors.  The main themes uniting these stories are shapeshifting, fae, and romance…all to varying degrees.

“Alpha and Omega” by Patricia Briggs introduces us to Anna and Charles.  Anna is a relatively new werewolf who is being abused by her pack.  When she finally calls the Marrok, the leader of all werewolves in the United States, he sends his son, Charles, out to investigate.  Anna and Charles instantly bond when she picks him up at the airport where Charles also notices that Anna is a rare omega werewolf, one who can ease emotions while also disregarding commands by Alphas.  We see a bit of them bonding while Charles goes about the business of investigating and stopping the abuse and violation of the Marrok’s laws.
“Inhuman” by Eileen Wilks is about Kai, an empath who’s not just an empath, and Nathan, her not-quite-a-stranger, not-quite-a-friend neighbor, who’s not quite human.  These two find themselves evading police while baiting a killer before being ripped into a different realm to face down a Sidhe queen.
“Buying Trouble” by Karen Chance has a mage named Claire working guard duty for an auction house full of monstrous patrons.  When the part is crashed, an elf whisks Claire away to his realm where they have to dodge and fight through rival elf clans until Claire’s true nature manifests itself.
“Mona Lisa Betwining” by Sunny is just a horribly written, difficult to follow story that throws a few fantasy words about in order to qualify as fantasy romance.  An utter waste of time.
Bottom Line:  None of the stories really wowed me.  Not my favorite story by Briggs, but easily the best in this book,  On the Prowl was a decent intro to her Alpha and Omega series. The (second story) at least piqued my interest enough that I wondered what was going to happen to the protagonist.  The the other two stories were complete wastes of my time, the fourth being nearly unreadable.  Skip this book, unless you’re really needing the beginning to Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series, in which case you should probably hit a library for an hour or so and read it there.  Don’t waste money on it, though.