Writing Background

June 2, 2010:  After college, I took the Breaking Into Print course offered by the Long Ridge Writers Group.  It was a good course and I enjoyed the assignments and the comments I received back from the instructors.  They say that it should take 18 to 24 months to complete the course, but, lacking motivation, it took me at least twice that.  I’m not sure why I didn’t/don’t spend more time writing.  I like to do it, and based on my assignments, I’d say I’m pretty good at it.  Unfortunately, I find myself vegetating on the couch with my wife in the evenings:  watching TV, playing computer games, and Facebooking.  I’m hoping that keeping this blog about my writing and attempts to get published will help motivate me to work more diligently at it.

January 5, 2012:  I haven’t really done much in the way of sending anything off to editors in hopes of getting published, but over a year ago, about the time I subscribed to Writers Digest, I found the Poetic Asides blog on the writersdigest.com site.  Since then, I have created a number of poems for the Wednesday Poetry Prompts and participated in two month-long Poem-A-Day challenges.  Prior to that, I’d written a bunch of poems back in the mid-nineties and took one college class on writing poetry.  I’ve also written a couple Flash Fiction pieces.  This year, I decided to join in the misnamed 365 Project with the goal of posting a blog entry every day of the year…which is why I categorize/tag mine as Project 366.  2012 is a leap year.  Here’s to hoping that making a post every day on my other blog, Lorwynd’s Thoughts, in addition to the poems, will stoke the creative fire and I’ll get busy with the writing of stories.  Of course, writing them won’t get them published.

September 9, 2012:  I missed my goal of a post a day with Project 366.  On June 12th, in a post titled Project 366 – Changing the Game Plan on Lorwynd’s Thoughts, I addressed failing to do the daily post and how I planned to complete what I thought would be the next best thing to it.  In February, I joined a group of poets in creating an anthology of poems and Beyond The Dark Room: An International Collection of Transformative Poetry was published on August 27th.  Lastly, for this update, I just signed on to be the Tuesday “Prompter” on Flashy Fiction.


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