BookBlogWriMo – Days One, Two, Three

BookBlogWriMo.  Book Blog Writing Month.  Created by “Book Bumblings” as a book bloggers’ version of NaNoWriMo.  I decided a couple weeks ago to give this a shot after I found it through “Shattered Hearts Reviews“, then couldn’t find the link again.  It’s now the 10th of the month and I’m going to try to make up for lost time and then stay current with the posting.  So, without further ado, I’m going to cram the first three days posts into this one.

Day One – The History of Wanna Get Published, Write!

In June of 2010, I decided to blog about my writing experiences:  how my stories were coming, the trials and tribulations of trying to get them published, etc.  More than four years later, I still haven’t gotten anywhere with the story publishing, other than a little Flash Fiction, which is only published in that you can find it on this blog and in the comments of the writing prompts at various sites.  I have written many poems, posted here, as well as at poetry prompt sites.  I was lucky enough to be included in a great collection of poetry called “Beyond the Dark Room“, with the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.  I’ve added book reviews and quotes, among other things over the years, and like most things, there are periods of time where I write more than others.  I continue to dream that I’ll write a book someday, but life does have a way of making it difficult to find time to write.

Day Two – How I Read

I am an anti-eReader, and  prefer hardback over paperback.  I understand the benefit of the eReaders, especially when traveling, but they can’t adequately reproduce the feel, the intimacy of a physical book, especially that first opening of a hardback.  I love the smell, the feel of the pages as I run my fingers down them, turning them, one after another, the sound as the spine is cracked for the first time.  No electronic device can replace that.

As for technical books…web design, coding, etc., I still prefer to have the hardback-sized paperback versions that I can open in my lap while typing in the code, or sit back and read while doing the short exercises that my favorite series of tech books have in them.  I usually also access the electronic version of these online so that i can down load the errata and source code, if it’s extensive.

I suppose, as an aspiring writer, I should be more embracing of the e-publishing world.  It makes for a much cheaper way for writers to self-publish.  Hopefully, that won’t be my only path to publication, but before I can worry about that, I need to get busy on the writing front.

Day Three – Where I Read

Mostly, I read in “the Library”.  On trips, I’ll read in the living room, the bedroom, or wherever I find myself lounging about with my book, but at home, “the Library” serves as my man-cave…the place I get away for a bit of quiet.


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